Okay Dude, Stop it Thursday, Sep 27 2012 

My husband, whom I normally refer to as my beloved husband when speaking or writing about him (sarcastic font), is driving me crazy.  He is on a business trip to Sedona, Arizona, a trip originally proposed with me tagging along.  I SO wanted to go.  However, work intervened and my availability was removed, and I could not go.  Which, from my point of view was a bummer.  BIG bummer.  BIG, BIG bummer.  So, he packed up and flew out on Tuesday.  Into a pretty and cool world of the Arizona red rocks.   That night he called to check in, telling me how great the spa style hotel was and how big the soaking tub in his room was.  Blah, Blah, Blah.

Then on Wednesday, he called to check in, telling me how great the weather was, how lovely the view was, how great the scenery was, and followed up with pictures.

View of a Sedona Rock

Really?  I’m at work each day, dealing with, well, stuff, and he’s …well, vacationing.  His check in yesterday was all about taking a drive on one of the most scenic routes available up to Flagstaff  (“gorgeous, just gorgeous”)  and enjoying the evening air on the drive back.  I’m glad he is enjoying himself, but does he have to torture me with his good fortune in the process?  Dude, stop it!

What’s the Deal with Age? Tuesday, Sep 25 2012 

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my age.  Not because I feel old or that I am worried about my age. In fact, it is quite the opposite.  I don’t feel old, and I am not worried about my age.  I have found out recently that others appear to be worried about my age.  And I find that amusing.

All those platitudes about you are only as old as you feel and act young to stay young are things old people say.  The young people still cling to the idea that youth and acting young is for the young and  many look down their noses at someone my age (I have passed the 50 mark, but have not hit the middle of that decade) enjoying the same activities I did while in my forties or thirties.  Why would I suddenly stop liking some of the same stuff, I wonder?  But it really seems to befuddle some of the ‘grown-ups’ in that age group.

I do not have the desire to do the same things I did back then as often as I did back then, but not because I cannot.  It’s actually because my life is too busy to fit it all in, not because my advanced age makes me too tired, as the ones worrying about my age seem to imply.  My job is hectic and I shoulder more responsibility than I did during my 30’s and 40’s. I am still upwardly mobile in my career.  I upgraded my living arrangements from the average city dwelling to the home of my dreams in the country and the compute takes a bit longer, which is good in some ways and bad in others.  I have a grandchild that I adore and I spend as much time with him as I can.  I’ve bought into the whole social media scene and I’m online more than I should be.   I found out I love genealogy, and have become an addict.  (Intervention might be in my future.)  I own a second home about 4 hours away for relaxation and down time.  I have aging parents that require attention.  All that takes time, so I’ve shifted, adjusted and squeezed as much as I can into the space allotted me.  So, yes, I still do many of the ‘old’ things I used to do, just not with the same frequency that I used to do them.  And some of them are much less important as my ‘age’ (I prefer ‘wisdom’) has allowed me to determine some of those just don’t rate as high on the enjoyment meter any longer.

So bottom line, worriers, don’t worry. Yes, I’m older than I used to be.  Who isn’t?  However, just because you continue to indulge in the same activities at the same pace, and I’ve slacked off those activities, doesn’t mean I’m tired, ill or out of pace with the world.  It means my life is full of other interesting things and activities I like and people I love.  It means I’m putting my experiences to good use.  It means I am vital and alive.  It means I’m not worried.

Now where are my keys?

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