I listed some of this info in my first post, but since posts slip away with time (buried in an archive somewhere) and pages are static…or so I’ve been told, I guess I’ll bio myself again  So, what first?  I was born in a small log cabin I helped build myself.  Okay, that’s not true. I am not Abe Lincoln and I cannot even play him on TV.  

I was born at the very, very, very end of the baby boomers era and although I am supposedly one of those boomers, I don’t really fit in with that generation.  Boomers are that wild 60’s group and I’m a mid to late 70’s girl.  You know, Class of ’76.  When I first started working with computers, it was with punch cards.  So, yes, I am that old.  I bought my first PC in the mid 80’s before they were called PCs and when they were still very, very expensive.  Not many people had home computers back then and it was even before the ‘windows’ explosion.  There was no such thing as the internet.  All this is to say that while I am a high end user of computers in general (home and work), use the internet for a multitude of reasons, maintain a website, and enjoy all sorts on modern communication methods, I never have gotten into the blog thing.  This is my first baby step.  Mark it down.  November 2009.  Call me a late bloomer. 

I’ve reread what I’ve written thus far and you know my age, gender and love of electronics.  Is that enough? What else defines me these days?  What defines me now is not the same as what defined me when I was younger.  But what is applicable to this situation, this blog, and what is not?    I really don’t know, so I’ll keep it relatively standard.

I am lucky to have some wonderful friends. Some old (as in tenured) and some new.  One or two I know would help me bury the bodies, if need be, so they are extra special to me.  I would do the same for them.

I’m married.  One and only one husband, thus far.  I have two grown sons.  Grown by age, maturity, at times, I question.  I have one grandson.   I love animals and tend to rescue them.  All my current brood are rescued animals.  I live in Texas.  I am not a native Texan.  This seems to be important to native Texans, as my husband, sons and grandson are ‘native’.  I’ve tainted the bloodline. 

I guess that about covers it.  You know the basics, the outline.  The details, that’s the blog, right?