When visiting social websites, I’ve noticed the trend is that each site wants a ‘profile’ page from the user.  Some people really take this seriously, and put waaay too much personal information out there to just anyone to see.  Call it my generation, but that’s just crazy. But some people leave them blank, which is not fair either.  Give me something to work with. I try to hit a happy medium.

So, what you may ask, is a happy medium profile page?  I tell the truth.  But I tell the truth about things that do not really mean that much to an online identity theft stalker.  (Although I feel the need to point out that I am only a member of two such sites and one doesn’t really count.)

So, I suppose an example is in order.   (Keep in mind all this is true as of this moment in time)

Favorite Activities: Friends, Grandson, hunting down dead ancestors, collecting stuff I don’t need but think I want, telling other people what to do and in most cases how to do it, spending money, talking too much and too loud, laughing alot and too loud.

Kinda on a programming kick right now, so learning how to program and maintain a website. And so I’m…maintaining a website about dead ancestors.

Oh and I’ve started a blog.  It’s a secret though, so don’t tell anyone.

Interests: Being the best I can be at that moment in time, waking up each morning without dirt in my eyes. Giving him hell, just because I can. Remembering to remember.

Favorite Music: Almost anything I can sing along with, doesn’t mean I can sing, just gotta hear some words. Give me a beat and some words. Dick, I give it a 9. Classical makes me sleepy.

Favorite TV Shows: Don’t watch much TV real time anymore, love skipping those commercials: NCIS because of Mark Harmon, kinda like Modern Family, getting tired of all the cop shows, although I will ‘cop’ to watching some.

Favorite Movies: Too many to name, but I like Shawshank Redemption, those stupid Ocean (Clooney) movies (eye candy), and I’ll watch Dirty Dancing every single time I see it on, just to see Johnny Castle mouth the words to Baby “and it’s all because of you”.

Favorite Books: To Kill a Mockingbird to name just one. Read all the time, if not reading, listening to books on audio. Liked the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The two follow up books were not as good, but liked them as well. I am reading all the time.  It is my escape.

Favorite Quotations: I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you.
Because I said so
I’m rubber, you’re glue…………
The glass is not half full or half empty, it’s the wrong size

About Me: About me? Yes. It is. Just wait till my funeral and you’ll see I was right.

So there ya go, you online identity stalker. Trying recreating that and getting anywhere.