Since my first post, I’ve been thinking about what direction this blog could head.  Since I am not an experienced blog designer, I’ve read some background info on design and such and realized I could set up difference categories and tags.  This has given me an idea for one use for this blog in addition to just my daily musing, opinions (of which I have many) and rantings.  I’ve been married a long time and since he doesn’t want to listen to me carry on ( I think I can actually hear the click when he tunes me out), I figured I’d just blog it on out. 

 Then it came to me, in addition to that—I’ll put my little book out here.   Am I brave enough to do that?

 About a year ago I wrote a short book.  It details, from my point of view, my family’s trip through Alzheimers with my husband’s mother.  I wrote most of it before she passed away, but finished it up after she passed away October of 2008.   

So, I’ve created a category labeled Alzheimers Story.  As I proof each chapter, and change the names to protect the innocent and guilty, I’ll begin to post.  Everyone has a story.  This book is part of ours.