Friday.  Wonderful.  It’s a nice fall day.  We don’t get that many of those here.  I’ve updated the Alzheimers Story (book) to change the names to protect whoever might need protecting.  And who knows, that might be me.  I guess over the weekend, as time permits, I’ll start posting it.  Once again, since no one knows I’m here, what’s the big deal?  I’m still not sure why I’m doing this blog thing at all.

 A friend of mine turned 44 yesterday.  Had dinner with mutual friends at PF Changs.  It was a nice dinner filled with somewhat raunchy conversation.  The waiter was great, joined in when he was around, paid us extra special attention.  I didn’t even mind being called sweetie.  And as I always seem to do, I got the doggie dog and left it on the table.  Duh.  The ‘party’ for his birthday is Saturday.  Looking forward to it.