My parents are aging. I’ve kidded them for years that I’ve done my time with taking care of people that need care and so they just can’t need any assistance.  Hands down.  That’s it.  Before my mother in law’s situation came to be, there were two other situations that my husband and I were deeply involved  in.  One was his aunt (He was POA and in charge of her care for 8 years).  One was my grandmother (assisted my mother with a failing health and dementia/guardianship situation in another state). Both were lengthy and emotionally draining.   Sometimes it feels like my whole adult life has been, in one way or another, touched by taking care of  or assisting with an elderly situation.  So I’ve kidded my Mom for several years now that they just can’t need any help.

So, now it’s become pretty obvious that they are both have issues.  Dad, health and memory and Mom memory.  I’ve known it for some time, but the denial factor has been working overtime.  Really working overtime.  But on the phone yesterday and coupled with another phone conversation today, something just trickled over the edge, and I have to admit, out loud, that I know it.  It’s not time to commit anyone.  But it’s time to face it, the issues are there.  And I’ve been down this road before.  And, at the risk of sounding completely and totally selfish, I ask myself, can I do this again?